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Welcome to Luministi

Luministi is not your average town. If you try to leave, you'll discover that the town won't let you go. Each path simply leads you from one end of town to another, though the residents maintain nothing is wrong at all and they can come and go as they please.

On the surface, the town is quaint and idyllic with a peculiar eclecticism of buildings, some very much out of place and time compared to others. Stranger still, the new citizens have no memory of their arrival, yourself included. That is, nothing except for the fleeting memory of a man and a flash of light.

All too soon, events will spiral this town away from its picturesque state to something that will test the endurance and sanity of all its newly trapped citizens.

But there is a way out.'s up to you to find it before it's too late...

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Apps and reserves are now closed forever!
Thank you for your interest, but the game is heading towards endgame and will not open again. ♥
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