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[Hawk's grinning when the video comes on, standing just near the gazebo. There are a few tables set up behind him, with a few platters of food, sweets, jugs of drinks, and a pile of cups.]

Well, we did it! I think this calls for a celebration. It's nothing that fancy, really, but if you'd like to come and have something to unwind, do! I'll be here.
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[The moment the countdown ceases, many things happen at once: the second computer terminal goes black while the first one returns to the main desktop, with several various icons on the side and across the screen in random places; Ferran spins away from everyone, completely ignoring everyone, and what they're currently doing, his movement frought with panic as he frantically shoves aside John and tries to restart the transfer process and mutters under his breath while he does so; and door appears--or rather, reappears in the place it used to be--on the wall, opens, and in steps Nathan.]

I think you'll find that this is all over, Ferran. We already have your anchor in our custody, and officers have already been dispatched to the site of your next experiment. And I've locked you out of the system. Everyone, please don't attack him. You're all safe now.

[Ferran doesn't turn around, but his voice is low and shaking with anger when he finally speaks.] ...How did you find it?

[Nathan starts motioning for Sophie, Kon, and the others to step away from Ferran and the boxes of equipment while he continues walking towards Ferran.] You need to be more careful of how you treat your associates. Don't make promises you don't intend on keeping, and definitely don't kill their fathers. You'd think you'd know better, since this all started here because your anchor wanted to bring his own father back to life.

Ahhh, so you figured it out at last? Good on you, Marshal Thanial, very good. Shame you did not put two and two together earlier. Imagine all the overtime you would have missed out on. [Ferran continues to try to access the terminal, but only gets denied access.] Damn it all...

[Nathan removes his CAT device from his pocket, pressing a button on-screen every time Ferran tries to enter a password.] I wouldn't bother with that either. Already locked you out of the system permanently. None of your old tricks will kick us back out this time, no matter how hard you try.

[For a moment, all Ferran does is hang his head, fists clenched so tightly his knuckles have turned white, but soon, he adjusts his hat over his scratched, injured face, and turns to face Nathan and the otherworlders.] You have no idea how close I have come to completing my work, nor how important it truly is. Their suffering is never permanent! None have died for good--

Except for Mr. Proctor and Ernesto Resarci, you mean.

They were of no further use to me. [He shrugs.] I could not merely send them home in the same manner as the rest. The process does not work the same if it is used in the same universe!

Save it, Ferran. You're only earning yourself a longer jail sentence. [Nathan types something into his CAT, the device soon changing shape into something akin to a pair of bulky handcuffs.] Hands.

[Reluctantly, Ferran holds his hands out.] There will be others. I am not the only one who wishes to continue this kind of research.

...What? [Nathan stares at him, a chill running up his spine at those words.]

[A chuckle escapes his lips, the hint of a victorious grin lingering in his expression.] Oh yes, my dear Marshal. You did not think I was the sole perpetrator of such curiosities? I know not who or what the others are, nor their reasons and means for the theft of the various otherworlders--but I am, indeed, not alone. You only found me because of the technology, and even then, I had been at this for well over twenty years just for my work to culminate in these past three years. Had I not become...overly ambitious, you may have never discovered the location of my experiments. That said...I have known of these others for a while now. Some of my test subjects were even taken from me before I could retrieve them for study. [He lets out a sigh.]

You're lying. There can't be others doing this!

Oh, certainly not others doing it in the exact manner as I have done, but the multiverse is a far more vast and plentiful place than our people have ever realized. If I were you, I would suggest drumming up a whole hell of a lot of recruits. I suspect you will be busy for centuries to come.

[Several different emotions flicker across Nathan's face but soon settle on something neutral. He isn't going to be baited now. He'll have to investigate these claims later.] I'll make a note of that in your arrest report. [He finally secures Ferran's hands in the handcuffs. The moment he does, Ferran freezes in place, a slight smirk still on his face.] Enough of that bullshit for now. [Something in his tone says that he's still bothered by the other man's words.] Don't worry, he's not going anywhere. Statis cuffs. Keeps suspects from spontaneously traveling to other dimensions and locations in the same universe, and makes it rather quiet since they can't move a damned inch either.

Now...there is something you all have to see. Two somethings, in fact. I know a few of you already saw this, but the rest of you need to see. Knowing the face of your captor will break that wall around a small, but crucial part of your memory. [Nathan gently removes Ferran's hat and sets it aside. For those who hadn't seen his face yet, they'll remember a small moment in time just before they were taken when Ferran, in his dark suit, hat, and camera, stood in front of them with a smile on his face and took their picture. This is true for those who later died.] That was just one thing.

The second is that even if, on the slim chance he manages to break loose and gets away? He can't use you ever again. With you all knowing his face, that bond between you and him is broken, and therefore, he can't sense your emotions in the same way any longer. [Nathan puts the hat back on Ferran.] That's one part of the research that he never talked about, but surely, he must've feared it happening. He'd have to start from scratch.

[A second later, he sighs and pushes Ferran back down into the computer chair, spins it around, and pushes him over to the wall before he faces everyone again.]

So! After I get this all taken into evidence, let's see about getting you all home! And this time, for real. I've got everything I need. The photos, the negatives, even the terminals and programs he used to manipulate your photographic images and subject you to so many things. If you can, give me an hour to do everything I need to, and then I'll get you on your way. [Nathan smiles, a relaxed and relieved look washing over him for the first time in a long while.] See you soon. [He puts a hand on Ferran's handcuffs, and in a blink of an eye, both men disappear.]

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[Once the black spots from the flash of light go away, the otherworlders will find themselves in a large room filled with boxes, computer equipment similar to that seen in Lab #4, and a seemingly ancient camera resting to the side of someone fast at work at a computer terminal. If they look behind them, they'll see the air duct grate that most of them had seen before being transported out of it and brought back to proper size. (The others had seen the one leading back into Lab #4.) They'll also see a door with the label "Lab #5" next to the doorjamb, but it won't open if anyone tries to pry it open.

A frustrated noise comes from the person working at the terminal. A black fedora rests atop of the man's head as he furiously enters commands and mutters under his breath, his back to the group of people suddenly in the room with him. Several screens flicker past as he scrolls through various security camera feeds. All pomposity is gone from his rough tone of voice as he growls at the terminal.]

No, no, no! Where have they gone?! [His gaze turns towards a second terminal beside him, the screen simply counting down how long it'll take before a transfer completes--and it's less than an hour. He frowns severely at it--before he becomes aware that there are other people in the room with him. Stiffly, he looks over his shoulder at them, not moving for a second.]

So...that is his game, eh? [Ferran lets out a small chuckle and slowly turns his chair around to face them, one hand moving to tip his hat forward a bit over his smirking face.]

Go on, then. [He finishes swiveling around, crossing one leg over the other as he gestures towards the group.] Do what you will.

[On the computer screen behind him, the words "DISTRACT HIM" appear on-screen for the otherworlders to see.]

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[A soft rhythmical chiming can be heard from Filippo's pocket. All conversations halt as he holds up a hand to pull out his CAT device, switching an alarm off.]

Ahh, time's up. [He turns to everyone, clapping his hands once in front of him.] Well. This has been lovely, and I believe everyone who is willing to let bygones be bygones is ready. [All of like...one person] You know...I'm glad we had this chat. We should have had it sooner.

Oh well. Can't live in the past.

[All of a sudden, there is a flash of light and those who weren't by Lab #4 or had left will suddenly find themselves with the others--but no one is by Lab #4 anymore. Filippo stares for a moment before stamping his foot and shouting] No! No, this isn't how it was supposed to go! Ferran? Ferran! [He glowers, but his expression quickly turns to fear again as he hastily pulls out the yellow device to teleport away--but it falls from his hand, clattering to the ground. Before him stands Nathan, who has simply reappeared again--and he looks pissed.] Look...it's nothing personal, okay? [He starts to back away, stumbling into the lab.] I had to knock you out somehow and he's never told me if tranquilizers work on your kind! I would have used those inste--

Where are they, Resarci? I'm not in the mood for any of your doubletalk or lies. I've had to listen to enough of your shit and his for far too long!

[Color flares in Filippo's cheeks] I don't know either! If I did, I wouldn't have been yelling at him.

[Nathan lunges forward, grabbing Filippo's suit lapels.] What were you planning to do before, then? Don't think for a second that they believed you were going to send them home.

[Filippo tries to pry his suit away, but the grip on it is too tight] If they did, then I have some tubs of elbowgrease I can sell them too.

Where were they going?! [Nathan's hold shifts closer to Filippo's neck, cutting his air supply.]

[Filippo's face slowly starts to change colors, his voice hoarse as he tries to speak] F-Ferran's been preparing to move everyone to a different universe to continue his playtime with them. All I had to do was lure them to this lab and open the way to Lab #5.

[Nathan relaxes his grip a little.] We were trying to find that lab anyway! All you had to do was just wait for us to get there on our own. Why interfere?

Because he needed to discredit you even more. Why should they trust you implicitly when you still haven't told them everything? When you've failed to save them so many times? When--

Enough! I'm taking you into custody and you're coming with me right now. We need to find them.

And you think I'm going to just help you?

Yes. [He removes a pair of special handcuffs from his pocket, cuffing one over Filippo's wrist--and then his own.] Yes, I do.

[As for what happened to the otherworlders...]

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[Elsewhere--always elsewhere--Filippo Resarci waits anxiously. Anxiety isn't a feeling he enjoys, but for two weeks now, he's been on the run from Nathan. It isn't the first time he's been in such a position; before, he had Ferran's protection, and now he has none for reasons he knew about before he issued his offer. If he had his way, he'd put some of those otherworlders as cannon fodder and keep them in between him and that damn cop. It's not like they can't come back!

But no. Ferran has forbidden it. Anything done to physically hurt those people, he must be a witness to. That has always been the agreement.

It made sense at the time, and yet...

Filippo tenses, his hand gripping his gun. A very, very small part of him is regretting shooting that cop. That man wasn't nearly as tenacious in his efforts as he was before. If Ferran hadn't given Filippo that device to replace the special CAT he had, he never would have gotten out of there in the first place. There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't wish he had magical universe-crossing powers like they did. Filippo would have jumped to another one a year ago and stayed gone. And hopefully, that universe would have had a tropical pleasure planet that catered to all tastes and wouldn't mind taking money that was definitely not from around there.

All of a sudden, his reverie is shattered when he hears a noise begin to blare. Frantically, he looks around, having never heard that sound before--and then he sees why that alarm has gone off. It was from one of the many monitors in the room.

And again, another noise startles him, this time from behind. He whirls around with a short, panicked cry--and sees Ferran. He lets out a relieved sigh, lowering his gun.]

Oh, thank god it's you! I thought that bastard cop had--

[The man in black tuts loudly, walking past Filippo to have a look at the disruptive monitor.] Manners, Filippo, manners. Thorn in our side though he may be, he is still a respectable Marshal who has failed at his job for many years now. You need not fear him finding you now that I've returned.

Then that means...? [Filippo edges closer to Ferran, trying to read the man's expression.]

The preparations are nearly complete. [A smile crosses the man in black's face.] It is much easier to relocate than it is to start from the ground up, as I told you previously. [He straightens, amused by what he's seen, and puts a hand on Filippo's arm.] Your distraction has worked even better than I could have hoped for. [Ferran's eyes close as he takes a breath, that hand tightening its grip.] Yes... It is very good.

[Filippo winces, but knows better than to attempt to move.] I-I'm glad you do. It was your plan, after all.

[Ferran finally releases his hold on Filippo's arm.] Ahhh, but without you and the ire they possess for you, none of it would have been nearly as successful. Speaking of, I do believe it is time for you to see how many of them have sided with you. I know I am curious to see how well you were able to sow the seeds of dissension amongst them.

Right... [Reluctantly, he pulls his CAT out, but he hesitates before using it. He knows going out into the open again only leaves him exposed for Nathan to do whatever he's going to do. But if there is one lesson of his father's that he's always taken to heart, it is this: one must lie in the bed one makes. So after a moment, he finally types in a message that he sends off to all of the otherworlders' CATs that reads:]

It's time, Otherworlders! If you have made your decision to leave this place behind, then meet me in one hour outside Lab #4 and then you'll see this place no more. Remember what I said about bringing everything with you. See you soon.

And sent. [He slides his CAT carefully back into his jacket pocket, then turns to Ferran.] You're sure about bringing them there?

Two of their number has already visited there, as you saw. [He motions to the monitor.] And had you not removed the blueprints of the lab from the computer systems, they may have found it sooner. So in a way...we are giving them exactly what they want anyway.

[Filippo shrugs indifferently to hide the shred of uncertainty still hanging out in the back of his mind.] If you say so. We'll see what they think soon enough. [He removes the special yellow device from his pocket, using it to teleport out of the room.]

So we shall.

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[For a brief moment, there's Terezi's tired face, before it turns from completely video to full text.]

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[when Sophie activates her CAT, her expression is determined. behind her, the scenery of the town square is visible as she's currently walking through it--and at a brisk pace, too]

Anyone who means to search for the item Nathan mentioned, I'll be in the space station. If you get there soon, I'm starting in the mayor's office.

[with that said, she moves to turn off her CAT--but stops, looking to the side as though distracted. she snaps:] No, I'm not going to be that specific over the CAT! What if someone is listening? [she pauses--and scowls] It's not a lie. I'll tell them more when I see them. [and after one more pause, she bursts out:] Gah! Would both of you be quiet!? [and she continues on her way--stomping rather. it seems something has annoyed her]

[ooc: Sophie is going to search for the blueprints to lead them to the missing lab--and hopefully the film. Feel free to join her! Or, if you'd prefer, just have a conversation over the CAT~ Also, threadhopping is welcome if you want to search without her!]
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[Once again, Kon's in the Talon, drinking a huge cup of coffee (which in itself's a bad sign - Kon doesn't really like the taste of it). He stares at the screen blankly for a moment before he goes ahead and asks:]

I know I wasn't here that long, but this Filippo Rescari's offer sounds ridiculous. He said he was the guy that tortured you guys last year - so was he the one that put everyone on reality TV? [There's a long pause as Kon realizes belatedly...] And did he put us on reality TV AGAIN?

I'm kinda wondering now since he was able to watch us and stuff. It's like we're all in one giant episode of the Truman Show - only we know this place's fake and we need to get out fast. I don't know about you guys, but the Talon and Professor's car and Willis's house and Ichijou's weird tub of blood... all those things being here aren't good.

I like the Talon, but I didn't want my world to be affected by this stupid experiment too. Are we still looking for that lab? I think I want in. And if we're not... well, come down and have some coffee. It'll all be on the house. [Nevermind that it was already free in the first place.]
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[At the end of his discussion with everyone in the White Rabbit Pub, Nathan stands, feeling somewhat tired but absolved of what information he's been able to give everyone. His burden feels...less like one now.]

All right. Like I said, we need to find the missing lab. Find the schematics--they may be in Caligin's lab office or in that mansion of his here in town, and that should narrow down where that lab was before things changed around here.

Now, I suggest--[He doesn't get to say what he suggests, not after a red spot suddenly appears on his forehead. A nanosecond later, blood starts to trickle out of the wound and Nathan collapses to the ground. The very moment the bullethole appears, a shot rings out from the door of the pub and in the doorway stands none other than Filippo Resarci, a literal smoking gun in his hand.]

Yes, I agree with that suggestion. Do sit down and shut up for a while. [Resarci puts the gun away in the inside of his jacket pocket, then looks at everyone expectantly.] Oh yes, don't all clap at once! I only just saved you from a pack of bullshit. But I will warn you...[He pulls something else out of his pocket.] Try to do anything to me or get within five feet of me, and you'll get a nasty shock from mister zapper here. [He wiggles a little yellow device, looking them all in the face.]

Good. I'm glad we seem to have an understanding. [And if they don't? Oh well, he's going to talk anyway!] Oh, and don't worry about him there. He won't die from that, unfortunately. Neither will any of you, come to think of it, but I'm not in a killing mood right now.

I'm here to give you all a counter offer. He wants you all to waste time searching for something that he isn't even sure is around here. However, I ran things here last year. I know this place like the back of my hand--and more importantly, I know where to go.

So you have a choice: stay here and do your little fruitless search with a man who could have escaped at any time and only chose now to appear--or come with me. I escaped here once and I can do so again, and let me tell you something else. I am sick and tired of the games these people play. I have been all over the damn galaxy looking for people and hiding from others. I haven't had a single goddamn home-cooked meal in over a year. I'm done with it. And once I'm rid of you, I'm rid of my problems.

Now, I know this might be a little much to think about. Yes, I'm the guy who tortured you all last year, blah blah blah. [He waves a dismissive hand.] I'm over it--and you should be too. No need to live in the past.

[His eyes flicker to a watch on the hand that's still holding the yellow device.] Hmm, time's almost up. He'll be up and about soon. So, make your minds up soon! I won't steal you all away just yet. You'll want to get everything in order because once we leave, you're never coming back. Take your time. After a certain amount of time has passed, I'll contact you all again with a location. Be ready.

And if I were you? I'd think twice about that guy. He waited this long to tell you things. What else hasn't he told you? [He shrugs, a small smile on his face.] Food for thought. See you soon. [His fingers flip open the yellow device, presses a button--and disappears in a flash of shimmering light.]

[Once Filippo leaves, Nathan groans, wipes the blood away from his forehead (the wound has healed itself), and sits up long enough to retrieve his CAT from the table before he too disappears. But he doesn't get any flashy lights. He's just gone--and he's very angry.]

[And elsewhere...the man in black grins at all he sees.]

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[After getting dug out, Nathan makes his way over to the general store, limping as he walks. He looks quite the sight with cuts, scrapes, and gashes all over his body (the worst of it is on his legs), and his suit is scorched, tattered, and just plain non-existent around his calves. He's even missing a shoe and looks a bit thinner than he was the last time he was there. But for a man who was crushed under so much debris, he doesn't seem in pain or anything; just inconvenienced.

Once he's inside the general store, he walks over to the vid screen, activating it so he can contact everyone's CAT devices and all of the other vidscreens around town. When he speaks, he doesn't sound strained, not like he has in any of his other appearances in the town and spacestation.]

I hope everyone can hear me and none of you were caught in that blast. I'm sorry it even happened, but--[He falls silent, his eyebrows knitting in concern.] There is much I need to tell you now that I'm here.

Please, meet me in the White Rabbit pub in half an hour. All of you. It's time you had some answers.

[The video transmission ends.]

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[ event ; holding out for a hero ]

[Xion looks more than a little panicked. Her face is awfully close to her CAT, and it's close enough to be able to see the tears forming in her eyes.]

The Keyblade -- I can't call the Keyblade! Is -- Is anyone else... Having trouble? I know it isn't really that big of a deal, but the Keyblade, it's... [She hesitates, pulling away from the CAT a bit, brow furrowing.] It's more than just my weapon. It's a part of me -- A part of my heart. So the fact that it could be taken away from me... [She trails off, fear clear in her eyes.

After a moment, she shakes her head, and turns off the CAT.]

[ event ; truth hits everybody ]

[What have you done?

Xion can't get it out of her head as she huddles by one of the windows. She's rubbing her arms and breathing into her hands. Normally, the Organization coat is so good at regulating her temperature, despite what's going on with outside, but... It's certainly not working now.

What have you done?

... ugh. There are more important things to focus on than that.


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[While people are battling with their new powers and those townspeople who've decided to go on crime sprees, there are two people watching everything play out from a safe place. One...has no choice. The other?

The other relishes and delights in what he sees.

A pleased smile naturally graces the other's features.]
You have no idea how long I have waited for this moment. Finally, finally after observing them for so long and poking them in the right directions, they are perfect. There have been some who just couldn't quite make it, ones I had hopes for but ultimately have given up upon. I will not be recalling them ever again.

And I have you to thank for that, my dear Marshal. If it were not for your continual interference these past years, they all might have still been stuck in that fool's experiment to bring his loved ones back to life. The otherworlders learning of that experiment's truth only fueled the flames of my own. The young businessman's ideas of entertainment were far more useful than the drivel the scientist ever gave me.

Speaking of him, you were never able to locate him, were you? Your teams of otherworlders failed in their tasks and returned empty-handed. They were meant to, you know, and yet you were so certain you could use their skills and fame to help them in their hunt for him while you searched for me.

[Slowly] ...What did you do to Filippo Resarci?

He was hiding away but now...he is right where I need him to be. [The other's smile widens after a moment.] Ahhh, I see. You think he's my anchor here.

It's a possibility.

You think...if you got to my anchor, then you could have reeled me in? Shame the fish reeled in the fisherman and now, you have left your worms completely unattended. I do wonder who yours is.

[Lets out a dismissive noise.] Like I'm going to tell you.

It does not matter. They will blame you in the end. Once they have figured it all out, they will hold you accountable. Might take them a while to piece everything together, though. I even tried to share with them the truth, warn them of what was to come--and yet they thought I was merely taunting them. They did not understand--

--Weren't you?

[The other shrugs nonchalantly.] Eh, yes, but one can mock with the truth. It is one hell of a weapon, as you have seen.

[Somewhat victoriously] Yes, it is...isn't it? [There's a soft click from somewhere nearby.]

[The other's expression rapidly changes from smugness to suspicion because of that tone.] What have you done?

You'll see soon enough.

[And then the one seemingly without a choice uses his one trump card to escape--but the other doesn't yell or pitch a fit at this disappearing act. No, the other merely pulls out something, enters a sentence followed by a few keystrokes, then slips it back into his pocket.]

Two can play at this game.

[Seconds before the other's keystrokes were entered, Nathan suddenly appears somewhere in the vicinity of the town hall, but before he can even take a step forward or pull out his own CAT to call people to him, the town hall explodes, showering him and most of the town square in huge chunks and layers of debris. Rubble and shrapnel fly into air, crashing through store fronts, trees, the library, and crushing nearby townspeople. Not even the fountain is spared and the Sheriff's office has taken severe damage.

But what caused the explosion to begin with? Whatever it is, it's gone now, most likely lost in the blast.]

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[To say that seeing snow staring to fall inside her house was a shock would be an understatement. Even the experience of all the strange things that happen in Luministi couldn't change her instinctive thrill to see snow (so uncommon in Tokyo), and her subsequent startlement at it being inside.

Grabbing her purse and coat she runs to the door and throws it open wide to see what is happening outside. The puffy snow is falling from the sky as well (at least that is normal), and the accumulation is already thick. This is when she notices the footprints that lead away from her door. That is... strange. Coupled with the message on the Guide, it's downright suspicious.

Curious she follows the footprints all the way to the Mayor's house and through to the observation deck. She wonders just how many people came this way because it seems like there are way more footprints than people who have come here...

She frowns at all the displays of the question 'What have you done?' It seems so accusatory that nothing good springs to mind. Besides, the Guide said that they would be told something! This is just another question.

With a faint frown as she considers this new situation she stands closer to the strange fire to ward off the cold.]

[[Backdated to the start of the truth hits everybody plot]]


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[[Backdated to...last week.]]

[While Luke would never want to admit to being afraid to experiment with his newfound abilities...well, it's true. He just would never admit it. When he got out of bed one morning and hit the ceiling instead of the floor it was the most impossible mix of pleasant and unpleasant surprise ever.

When he ripped part of the handle from the refrigerator? That one was definitely bad. Until he figured out he could still get the door open. Going to look in the mirror at his hands and arms did nothing to settle his thoughts, because they looked the same as they always had. Certainly incapable of tearing apart an appliance.

So he's been lying low for a few days - not visiting the people he usually tries to find, being furtive about getting the things he needs, and most certainly not going anywhere near the Professor's car. What if it broke?

After a few days of this, it's almost like everything he stops himself from doing has built up and can no longer be contained. And whoosh! Luke is zooming through the sky, over the houses on the East side. The flight path traces unsure circles and shows no sign of stopping. Eventually he fumbles his CAT out of his bag and tries to gently press the right button.]

I'm stuck!

[As the wind rushes by.]

Ӿ 09 Ӿ

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[Croix never found out what happened to him when this "balance" or whatever was struck. Not until recently, when it may as well be too late.

It began about three days after, actually. For some reason, he found it just a little harder to move around. His body felt heavy, like it took more energy just to do simple things. Next came the fever - annoying at first, but easy enough to ignore. The dizzy spells, though... can't really ignore those, or hide them. Damn.

He did get dragged to the clinic, but they didn't know what was wrong and just sent him home to rest. Which he planned to do, but...

When Croix gets back to his townhouse, it's all he can do to get the damn door open, he has so little strength anymore. Somehow, he makes it to the living room, but that's as far as he gets before his legs completely give out. His knees hit the floor and his hands go to his head. His mind is suddenly screaming. This is nothing he's ever felt before - a sudden rush of red-hot emotions and thoughts... and none of them good. Fear. Anger. Hate. Why? Why is he feeling this way? These aren't even his own feelings - or are they?

Something clicks. He may not have ever felt this way for himself, but he's heard of this happening plenty of times. He's even seen it for himself. He's watched hundreds succumb to this, and seen many of them go on panicked rampages, sometimes losing their lives - or just taking their own because of it... Croix realizes that, for some reason, he has the powers of a Reyvateil. An IPD Reyvateil, and a high-level one, he thinks, considering he can already feel magic pouring from his body: bolts of electricity, firing in all directions, non-stop. He also realizes that this is an IPD Outbreak, and he's about to lose his mind.

Well, at least his last fully conscious thought was... somewhat helpful.

The sparks continue flying, and Croix can't bring himself to move, too consumed with the need to make his mind stop screaming. Maybe if he broke something. Maybe if he broke someone. Maybe if he killed. Or if he died. Maybe once this whole town is ruined and no one is left, nothing will be left to make any more noise in his head. Something has to work, something has to give, he can't keep feeling like this--

With all of the electricity sparking about, it was only a matter of time before something caught fire... It starts in the living room, but it very quickly spreads, and it's not going to stop until the whole townhouse burns down for all to see.

And Croix... isn't moving.

((OoC: Croix's had his Positive IPD Outbreak. He is completely overcome by fear, paranoia and other negative emotions and is not thinking straight - if you're gonna come save him from the house fire, you're... probably gonna get attacked. :/ Just a heads up.))


Sep. 1st, 2012 11:41 pm
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[The video cuts on mid-"Boooo", and Natsuo is sitting at the gazebo, sulking.]

I knew something was weird!! This place took away my fighting! I can't use spells anymore! Some stupid kid took my bag, and I was going to make him hurt for it. But nothing happened when I used the words! I had to run after him and kick him instead. Boring!!

[Heavy sigh!]

Ne, did anything happen to anyone else?

♜ 6

Aug. 30th, 2012 12:09 pm
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[For once, Wash was quite eager to head back into the town once the snow had evaporated a few days ago. He'd made excuses about how he needed to secure the area before others really went in just in case there were any traps left behind--but really, he just he needed time to think. Time to just...think about the mission here and not what he'd said.

And to think about
why they had been forced to say truths and a lie like that. What kind of thing could possibly have that kind of control?]

Those questions (and more) still weigh on his thoughts while he ventures into town to start his daily patrols. He's just walking into the town square proper when he hears someone start to scream. Alerted he stops, trying to locate the source of the sound, when he spots someone wearing a balaclava running out of the nearby general store with a couple bags in hand--and a knife.]

Hey, stop right there!

[The thief takes one look at him and bolts--but and Wash takes off right after him. Unfortunately for the man, he is a faster runner even in all that armor, so he's caught pretty quickly. However, as Wash grabs the thief, the thief swings around in panic--and stabs Wash in the abdomen. He lets go and drops to one knee while the thief scrambles away again.]

No, get back here! [Wash forces himself to stand, one hand outstretched towards the thief. As he does this, a small glowing green ball of energy rapidly forms in his hand and flies out after the thief...

Aaaand falls just short of hitting the man, instead bouncing when it hits the sidewalk and heads off into the sky where it lets off a faint "boom" of a green explosion.

This renders both him and the thief pretty speechless for a second before the thief cowers on the ground and begs him not to do that again. Meanwhile, Wash braces himself against a building, forgetting the knife's still in his side, and stares at the scorch mark made on the ground.]

...You've got to be fucking kidding me.

[ooc: Feel free to have seen this happen in the town square! The thief himself hasn't been officially apprehended yet but he's pretty ready to give himself up now (and probably wet himself in the process.)]
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[A figure somewhere, always watching over all, reads a bit of communication between some of them and can't help smiling. Why the figure smiles is anyone's guess, but smile the figure does. He picks up a CAT device after a few minutes and begins to type.

During that time, the snow in the entire laboratory area and town stops and begins to evaporate. The area becomes extremely foggy very fast and makes it difficult to see everyone in the observation deck, but by the time it's gone, everyone might feel...a bit different. Sure, they might feel nice and warm since the weather conditions have returned to normal (or rather, were allowed to be what they always were before something overrode them), but...there is something more. Some may feel stronger, some weaker, but all will feel strange.

Changes have that effect.

Soon, the figure is done writing and sends the following message to everyone's CATs, and simultaneously, the multiple screens on the observation deck go blank:]

Hopefully you have enjoyed your cold, hard truths and white, hot lies. Doesn't everyone feel better now? I know I do. Yet, I do feel somewhat guilty. You are all my guests and I have not been the kindest host, so I am going to do something nice--

--for some of you. What that is you will quickly find out--or not, depending upon how astute you are--but know this: a balance has been struck, but more to the point, interesting times are upon you all now! I hope you do not squander this opportunity.

[After a moment, a second, but briefer, message is sent:]

Oh. "Nathan" sends his regards.

OOC: Plot Details )
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It's hard to type when I can't feel my fingers so I'll keep this short.

I've been waiting for a good time to announce this but there isn't one.

When we looked at Lab 3 I got this message:

This time, Ichijou Seiya, I do plan to tell you. I have tried the clandestine method under various disguises, but those offer little joy now, not when you all expect it.

No, this time, you get a bit of truth. A truth that, if your so-called saviors had possessed the forethought, you ought to have heard from the beginning. Unfortunately, we all know what is said about truth, especially if it is a truth that has been kept from us for so long.

There is a switch on the wall by the door to that room. Press it and you will see the "machines" you thought were tasked with returning you to your homes. These are but mere illusion, meant to fool you into thinking there was an actual scientific method of man's doing that could send you across worlds and through various dimensions. A clue to it all lies before you.

But the hard truth is: only two beings possess knowledge of the true way home, and neither are in a position to do so. One, quite willingly, will never do so, and the other won't get the chance to. He tried so hard to save you, but his plans have only led to my gaining an ever-increasing amount of strength over this beautiful experiment.

I have said before there is no escape and that, my dear friends, has never been a lie.

Good-bye for now. I eagerly await your screaming messages at me once more.

The part about the switch was accurate.

I was putting together a timeline for someone and realized: Nathan wouldn't tell me to forbid entry into that room for no reason.

If the machines were a ruse, the only other notable things there were pictures of us.

The pictures are what I was supposed to be protecting. The flash we all saw as we arrived here may have been a camera taking a picture like I originally thought.

That's all I have for now.

Find me if you need me.


Aug. 16th, 2012 11:53 pm
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[Something Willis does not enjoy: Snow storms. No, really. They are cold and wet and only okay during more festive times.

Something Willis does enjoy? Snow
stopping in time to make it to the observation deck. He's almost in a good mood when he finally steps inside.

... And then he sees the message. He shifts uncomfortably, fighting back a wave of paranoia as the message sinks in. Did someone in this room somehow doom everyone to staying in this city? Did
he do something without realizing it? Or does it just mean nothing at all, and someone will pop out with streamers and happy news and --

And maybe he's over thinking it. That's what he'd prefer, anyway. He straightens up his posture, casually folding his hands behind his head in an attempt to act indifferent.]

It just never stops, huh.


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